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Running WearOS on Esp32 S3 [closed]

How can i run an off-the-shelf OS on an ESP32-S3 based smartwatch, let's say Wear OS, for example. And I have custom hardware. How do I do it? Do I write firmware like a PC BIOS, or do I take the ...
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Image capture at QSXGA resolution by OV5640 in ESP32s3

// Include necessary libraries #include "WiFi.h" #include "esp_camera.h" #include "Arduino.h" #include "soc/soc.h" // Disable brownout problems #...
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Is it possible to use UART0 freely when connecting ESP32 s3 via USB (D+, D-)?

I've designed a test PCB that utilizes an ESP32 S3 and testing pins. During program uploads, I use the USB interface over GPIO20 and GPIO19 as D+ and D-. Everything works fine in this configuration. ...
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Limit of EthernetClient connections

I'm working on a project on which I need to have multiple EthernetClient connections to different servers. All of these connections must be kept alive simultaneously and by this I mean I cannot stop ...
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Why Arduino IDE is brignging wrong board name for ESP32 S3

I am designing a pcb for ESP32 S3 wroom-1 for testing pins which are safe to use. My PCB look like this: I program ESP32 S3 via USB interface gpio19 "D-" gpio20 "D+". When I plug ...
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