I am trying to get a web server to run on the ESP12E on the Node MCU variant, and following the example from the esp8266 documentation page here. But the code does not compile, throwing the following error message:

'class WiFiServer' has no member named 'accept'; did you mean '_accept'?

I'm relatively new to MCUs in general, and cannot find a solution for this on any website. Any help would be appreciated.


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The 'latest' documentation applies for git master branch.

accept() is ready for the next release of Arduino esp8266. It will be version 3.1.0. Until then you can use server.available(). It works the same way as accept() in ESP8266WiFi library's WiFiServer.

I initiated the addition of server.accept(), because server.available() in esp8266 WiFiServer works as Ethernet library's server.accept(), not as server.available().

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