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A peristaltic pump with pH sensor and web based output project

Good day to you all, I am asking here to confirm that my project is feasible. I have low knowledge of Arduino and other components. Please help me in achieving this project. I already have the ...
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ERROR: return reinterpret_cast<T>(pgm_read_ptr(p));

I need to update DHT sensor data to the webserver in JSON format using ESP8266. This is my code. #include <ESP8266WiFi.h> #include <WiFiClient.h> #include <ESP8266WebServer.h> #...
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ESP8266 + NodeMCU Motor Shield spinning motor only in one direction

I hooked my ESP8266 Wi-Fi module to an ESP-12E Motor Shield and connected it to an RC car. It works fine when connected to my laptop (Goes forward, backward, left, and right. Though the car doesn't ...
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Why won't IP mode change to 1 in ESP01 using the AT commands?

I was trying to send some data to a webpage using an Arduino Uno R3 connected to an ESP01. I simply uploaded the BareMinimum and started sending AT commands through the Serial Monitor. It worked fine ...
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How to allow cross-domain requests with ESP8266WebServer.h ? - CORS policy: Access-Control-Allow-Origin

With an nodeMCUv2 I want: to start a wifi server with ESP8266WebServer.h serve a root html page which will interact with the ESP and fetch external data Issue: CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-...
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ESP8266 TIMEOUT: 428

this is the code I used: #include <Wire.h> #include "WiFiEsp.h" // Emulate Serial1 on pins 6/7 if not present #ifndef HAVE_HWSERIAL1 #include "SoftwareSerial.h" ...
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ESP8266 web server not responding when running a http request function

I am trying to build something that can control a stepper motor based on weather information from openweathermap. I've set up a ESP8266 webserver to manually control motor movement with buttons and I ...
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Return json from AsyncWebserver

I am using ESPAsyncWebServer ArduinoJson (6.19.4) server.on("/", HTTP_GET, [](AsyncWebServerRequest * request) { AsyncJsonResponse *response = request->beginResponseStream(&...
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Accessing HTTPS server of ESP8266 through fetch

I have been messing around with this application for a while but seem to keep hitting roadblocks. I am trying to have a public HTTPS page make a fetch to a private ESP8266. As you can guess I ran into ...
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Node MCU Esp12-E does not support server accept function

I am trying to get a web server to run on the ESP12E on the Node MCU variant, and following the example from the esp8266 documentation page here. But the code does not compile, throwing the following ...
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Why is EEPROM commit not registering int values?

if(jsonDoc["delayOn"].as<int>() <= 255 && jsonDoc["delayOff"].as<int>() <= 255 && jsonDoc["delayUnitOn"].as<int>() <= 2 &&...
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ESP8266 ESPAsyncWebServer LittleFS crashes

I am trying to write a simple web page to be served from my ESP8266 based on this tutorial:
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esp8266 - server.handleClient() fails to call assigned function

I'm trying to get one esp to send integers to a second as a part of a simple remote control, but after multiple days I can't get it to work. The transmitter seems like it's connecting and sending ...
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ESP8266: ESPASyncserver + client

I have project with an ESPAsyncWebServer with websockets working already. What I need to add is Client functionality to poll a site for a response. I looked at the ASyncTCP library and it has two ...
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servo motor and l298n motor driver doesn't work together with esp32

so basically I am using 4 servo motors for our robotic arm and 1 l298n motor driver for 2 motor drive for base of the arm. when I individually tested robotic arm and controlled 4 servo motors, it ...
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Arduino ESP8266WebServer hangs after a while but responds pings

I have an ESP8266 module that I use to be able to power on three computers if they are off. The ESP8266WebServer has what I needed to have a POST method rather than a simpler GET one since I am ...
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Can't transfer information from esp8266 to arduino

I have esp8266. Which I am trying to set up to be a self-contained access point and server (tcp). ESP8266 is connected to ports 2,3 of Arduino Uno. On Arduino, I want to process all information coming ...
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How to get version of Arduino board remotely

I have multiple Arduino WeMos D1 boards, with a mix of versions bought months apart. One of these boards is working but I need to update it and I am not sure if it is R1 or R2 (the pinouts are ...
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