I am using an Arduino Mega2560. Using Arduino Mega as ISP to burn sketch, I had loaded the bootloader from Arduino IDE.

I uploaded the blink LED code to the Mega. But the LED is responding slowly. Same with Serial code. Delay of 0.1 second acting as 1 second on my board. In code serial communication baud-rate is 9600 but I am getting proper value when I set the baud-rate to 4800 in serial monitor.

Could anyone point out the problem?

  • If Your Clone is slow. Then Replace it..Clones are very cheap to replace. Aug 29 '15 at 5:59

Either your fuses are wrong (set to 50% the real speed of your crystal / ceramic resonator), you're using the internal oscillator instead of the expected external one, or you have the wrong board with the wrong F_CPU value selected in the IDE.

Check all of those carefully.


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