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Is there a way to post data to cloud on demand?

Hello I'm using esp32 to post arduino sensor data to firebase every 1 minute. However I don't need this much data. I just want esp32 to send data when I request it. Is there any way to do this? I have ...
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How to connect an Arduino Uno with an ESP-01 to the Arduino IoT cloud?

I have been trying to connect to the Arduino IoT cloud using my Arduino Uno and an ESP-01. The Arduino IoT cloud does not recognize my device as genuine. Hence, I've been trying to create a thing and ...
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A peristaltic pump with pH sensor and web based output project

Good day to you all, I am asking here to confirm that my project is feasible. I have low knowledge of Arduino and other components. Please help me in achieving this project. I already have the ...
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What's the difference between CloudTemperature, CloudTemperatureSensor and Float data types?

I have a SHT30 sensor for Wemos and I am learning to use Arduino IOT Cloud. I use float data type for my temperature variable but I see two more data types: CloudTemperature CloudTemperatureSensor ...
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got a compiling error while programming node mcu

i was programming my node mcu i modified the code and got a complination error but when i compiled the original code i got no error modified code #include "arduino_secrets.h" #include "...
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