I would like to control the TB67H303HG (a full bridge driver IC for DC motor adopting MOS in output transistor) with my Arduino UNO. This is its datasheet.

I was thinking to connect:

  • PIN 3 INPUT to Arduino Digital Output 13 and set it to LOW to use the direct PWM mode
  • PIN 5 Vref to 24VDC
  • PIN 6 Vcc to 24VDC
  • PIN 7 STBY to Arduino pin 8
  • PIN 8 IN1 to Arduino Pin 12
  • PIN 9 IN2 to Arduino Pin 11
  • PIN 16 OUT1A and 12 OUT1B in parallel to the Motor
  • PIN 14 OUT2A and 10 OUT2B in parallel to the Motor
  • PIN 13 and 17 to GND
  • PIN 20 Vcc to 24VDC
  • PIN 22 PWM to Arduino PWM 10

I do not know if I'm wrong, but I think I should use IN1 and IN2 to select the motor spin rotation and the Pin 12 PWM to change the velocity by setting the Arduino pin 10 with the PWM output from 0 to 255. Is it correct?

Can you tell me if the wiring is correct? Thank you a lot!

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The Vref potential should not be 24V. As mentionned in the datasheet:

Vref = 0.3V to 1.95V depending on what you want.

  • sorry for the mistake, you are right! Thank you for the correction! Do you think the other considerations are OK? Commented Jun 13, 2019 at 20:50
  • Maybe the pin 23 is to connect with a resistor of 51kOhms ? For the clock
    – Johan B
    Commented Jun 13, 2019 at 22:14

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