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How do I upload a sketch without a bootloader, using another Arduino as a programmer?

Note: This is a reference question (but feel free to write answers of your own!) My Arduino takes too long to start up, I need to use the space taken up by the bootloader and I don't want a brown-out ...
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How to Burn Bootloader with custom Fuses

I have a Atmega328p IC without external Crystal (My target). When I use a arduino to burn the bootloader to my target, the Arduino as ISP sketch changes the fuses of my target, so it tries to use its ...
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Programming ATtiny85 with Arduino-IDE and an 8MHz external oscillator

I have a digispark ATtiny85 development board and I am using the Arduino IDE to program it along with the Arduino UNO as my hardware programmer. I have successfully burned the fuses for both the ...
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Uploading sketch to ATTiny84 with Nano as "Arduinio as ISP" stopped working

Update 12/11 Working through the answer posted. Upload reset appearance - [Works blinks correctly.] Convince yourself that reset appearance code reliable indicates DTR resets. [Opened the serial ...
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