I am designing UI for 160x128 ST7735-based TFT display which will be displayed using Adafruit's GFX library (and the driver in Adafruit_ST7735.h). I am using the default bitmap font (custom fonts don't provide the white-out functionality, causing flicker) and would like to load it in some desktop pixel editor (like Gimp or some pixel-art editor) so that I can work the design out on desktop.

There are many posts about converting regular (TFT, OTF) fonts to the c-style array, I need to do the opposite. If possible, including the scaled variants, so that I have 1:1 corespondence :)

Any tips on this?


As explained here and here the font format in the GFX-library is GFXglyph, you can use the free tool from the second link adafonteditor v1.0.3 on the desktop.
Ok so its actually decompile the gfx header file to something on the desktop. Take a look at the Adafruit GFX Font Customiser Source can be used as basis for own projects or compiled to the designated OS.

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  • Thanks, but that's the opposite direction. I don't have a problem parsing the GFXGlyph format, but would like to convert it to standard (BDF, PCF) raster font formats desktop programs can use, without writing the converter myself. Adafonteditor is mac-only. I think I will just use standard 5x7 font shipped with x11. – eudoxos May 10 at 10:27
  • Thanks, the font customiser might be a useful reference. – eudoxos May 11 at 8:47

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