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How to add Ultrasonic Sensor to the board?
Accepted answer
3 votes

1) Not really. You have so little space and you have to selder them. Try using wires 2) If you want it to be flexible use a sandard solderless breadoard on the center of the car and then with male-...

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16Hertz Uno R3 Board vs Arduino Uno R3 Board
2 votes

Every Arduino is using a quartz crystal in order to get the frequency needed. ATmega328 can handle up to 20 MHz ?? Yes. You can't run the microcontroller by itself. It has an internal oscillator but ...

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Arduino error in code
Accepted answer
1 votes

As fuenfundachtzig said this cannot be done in this version of C++ Arduino uses. A replacement for this method is to set the number for each place. For example: case 48: //rp[8] = {0, 1, 1, 1, 1,...

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Serial Error Correction
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In my case i used a buffer and a delimiter. Specificaly: The reading is placed on the byte array untill the delimiter is reached. For example From the arduino IDE serial monitor im sending this: CAT; ...

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Arduino Uno with CC3000 WiFi Shield cannot be initialized
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I was having the same problem with the ethernet shield (and i still have it). In my case it was caused by the network router. When my modem/router couldn't connect to the net (bad weather etc...) the ...

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