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My Chinese name is 王竞先 and I'm currently a undergraduate studying physics @Peking University, Beijing, China. I completed my highschool @RDFZ.

Mathematica Experience

I'm a HUGE fan of Mathematica and I'm super interested in talking with people who shares similar interest!

I stated using Mathematica in 6th grade (at that time I mainly use it to solve equations and DEs or fun...) and became familiar with the real Mathematica at 9th grade. I'm familiar with: Core Language, list and expression manipulation and data processing, image processing, graphics and dynamic content, a bit of network operations... I'm currently studying machine learning using Mathematica.

My Research Interest

I'm particularly interested in multi-robot collaboration, more specifically, designing robot interaction rules to achieve complex behavior in an emergent fashion.

How to Reach Me

I'm in China so it's inconvenient to contact me via Facebook or Twitter or so... I mainly use Wechat and email. But just plainly giving my contact is not my style, so here I present a quiz which could lead you to both my wechat account and my email, have fun~



A few hints:

  1. There are two images above
  2. Alpha channel is a interesting stuff XD
  3. I won't provide a Mathematica icon for nothing...
  4. "quiz which could lead you to both my wechat account and my email", but how?
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