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DP: I'm not too fond of closed rooms. Open the windows, and let the fresh air come in!

I like to draw. I like to write poems and stories. I love to do science. I also love to play the melodica.


I came here as an unsuspecting 10th grader who wanted to share this revolutionary idea that the universe was a water tap. It was the result of several weeks of experimenting, theorizing, and making deep connections. Most of my classmates found it interesting, and some of them were so amazed at the level of my thinking. So I finally decided to disseminate this idea to the world through this site :)

That question didn't end up nicely, of course, but that was my first introduction to what science actually was. Like many millennials, I came to know about science due to the science shows they have on Nat geo and Discovery. And also those cool illustrated DK science books (I love those DIY science experiments!).

Truly, this site has been so influential in my life. From enabling me to see and feel science in everything around me, to helping me choose which path to take after school. I am now pursuing a PhD in Physics. I must say, this site has been a huge factor in giving me the courage to take up science.

Nice resources

  1. Tracker is a nifty free software for extracting data points from a video. You have to select the points manually, but the final result will be worth the effort!

  2. Scratch is a brilliant program that lets you do almost anything (and it's free). I love to make physics simulations in Scratch.

  3. Myscope is an awesome resource for learning about different microscopy methods. They have good materials, assessments, and my favorite, cool virtual labs.

Nice quotes:

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side - Rig Veda (Also the motto of my school)

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished - Lao Tsu

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