About me

I am a 14yo boy who loves math, science, electronics, robotics, programming, technology, reading, engineering, and raspberry pi.


Programming: I know Node.js, Python3, and HTML/CSS/JS. My favorite JavaScript framework is Vue. I also know some C++, Java, and C# and have experience with React, Electron, Express, Flask, PyGame, and more.

Hardware: I know Arduino, basic digital and analog electronics, and Raspberry Pi.

Engineering: some 3d modelling experience with Fusion 360 & TinkerCad, as well as 3d printing knowledge.

Hire me

If you need help with something or have a small project you need done for a very cheap or free price, feel free to contact me (especially in the summer when I don't have school). I love helping people, and it would be nice to get extra practice and maybe have something to put on my future resume.




You can email me at scitronboy@gmail.com or use the contact form on my website.