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Welcome to my profile .............enter image description here..................................

The rules by which I play:

(1) I don't answer homework questions (although I will always help)

(2) I don't get lifted up by putting someone else down

(3) Beginner's (especially) need guidance not brickbats

(4) Knowledge and experience are only useful if you can pass them on

By today's standards I'm an old school relic. I cut my 'electronic teeth' on valve and germanium transistors at the age of about 8. By 14 I was building my own 'simple' computers from transistors and TTL chips. After completing my degree in Electronic Engineering I worked in the industry for a few years (instrumentation / research and development) and then re-trained as a teacher after taking an MSc in experimental physics and an Open University degree (astrophysics). Although 'retired' I still have my own small electronics design company, write novels, paint (I did my honours degree in fine art a few years ago).

My predictions for the future:

Quantum computing will always be 'in the next few years.'

Future 'electronic' components will be designed around engineered molecules

'Molecular electronic' circuits/devices will be conceived/constructed in 3D

Clean (green) energy production will be based around Hydrogen

Bio-electronic implants will become the norm

Hover boards and Bender robot units will never be made (sad)

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