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Washable, Wearable Tech with Arduino
4 votes

I would make it so the Board has velcro on it so that it can be un attached from the clothing, and then have all the wires have snap terminals that wires from the Arduino connect to. This way you un ...

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Does Arduino Uno R3 require cooling in a closure?
5 votes

No, You shouldn't need any type of cooling device such as a fan as long as the case has a few holes in order to allow the heat to rise out of the case. I do not recommend using cases that are ...

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Is there a way to have more than 14 Output pins on arduino?
30 votes

There are two ways you can get more pins out of an arduino. The first way is by using the Analog pins as digital output pins, which is really easy to do. All you need to do is refer to A0-A5 as pins ...

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Is it possible to upload a program from a tablet?
2 votes

Unfortunately Apple doesn't allow apps that implement programming languages. This being said, it is unclear why they would not allow an app that has to do with the Arduino IDE due to the fact that the ...

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Is there an Arduino simulator that runs on Mac OS X?
3 votes

There is a decent program called Simulator for Arduino made by Virtronics. Although it is made to run only in windows, you could run it in a WINE environment. WINE allows windows programs to be ran in ...

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Is there a color LCD display for an arduino?
Accepted answer
10 votes

There are actually several shields that have color screens on them. Many of the shields are just regular mini TFT displays, however there are also touch screen ones. Here is one from Adafruit that ...

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How to get HTTPS on Arduino?
6 votes

I don't think it is possible due to the size and complexity of the SSL Library, because the Arduino would most likely be under powered. That being said you could make the requests to a regular server ...

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Is an Arduino capable of running 24/7?
10 votes

Running the Arduino 24/7 Shouldn't be a problem. But be sure that you have a case that allows for ventilation and you keep it in a well ventilated area. Just like computers, if you do not keep them ...

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