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Why does my lcd screen work fine and then display random characters?
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The problem was that I was adding ":" to the printed string on the lcd without making it a String object. That only occurred if I had double digit hours and minutes. Incorrect way: lcd.print(hours+"...

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Why doesn't my 7 segment update every second like in the program?
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This is the code that fixed the issue: #include <SevSeg.h> SevSeg sevseg; void setup() { byte numDigits = 4; byte digitPins[] = {5, 4, 3, 2}; byte segmentPins[] = {13, 12, 11,...

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How to read Ultrasonic sensor value to use and drive servo motors
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First, I would make sure I have continuous servo motors that can rotate 360 degrees. Your servos will just rotate to the degree you entered if they are not continuous. Additionally, it would be more ...

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