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I am an Electronics and Telecommunication graduate who has found passion in Software Engineering and Development.

I started my career in 2010 by developing websites in HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS and PHP. Over the years I have gained skills and experience in Graphics Design, Web Applications and Mobile Applications. I embrace modern technologies and I have since added more tools and skills to my arsenal. Although I see myself as a full-stack developer my strong side lies in backend development.

In 2016 my friends and I started a company called Logic++ after winning a 'Taxi Payment Solution Hackathon'. We currently work part-time for Logic++ and we are engaged in various projects targeting local and international markets.

I am excited to be contributing to open source projects and have recently published an open source module on NPM.

With many awesome developments in technology, Artificial Intelligence has caught my attention and its one of the knowledge and skills I am looking forward to mastering in the coming years.

Apart from software development, I like games, reading and drawing.

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