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Brit PHPer living in France. Formative years spent in retail. IT background on the web since 1996 mostly working in local gov in the UK:

Currently spending time best working out how to bring together the wider "federated web" seamlessly into CMSs. e.g. I have created CMSs which have used both Picasa and Flickr for virtually all image management. Am currently using GAS (Google App Script) to build elements of Google Drive into CMSs. Spreadsheet data into calendars etc for a simple multilingual CMS for SMEs.

Current technologies I am using:

  • LAMP
  • Google Drive
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Experience of and messed with variously (in order of competence)

  • CMSs, making my own
  • Frameworks, making my own
  • CodeIgniter, used in anger as part of a CMS
  • Local UK gov meta data
  • Pimcore on ZF1
  • ZF1 SOAP Components
  • Python and some familiarisation of Java SE
  • Arduino and Zigbee wireless
  • Android

Hangover from end of formative years in advanced man management means I really dig many OOP principles, delegation, responsibility etc and recognise patterns that span both management and software.

"Listen, I asked you to do this, I did not ask you you to do that."

"If this is not done, do not bother coming in to work tomorrow."

"I know he is not too smart, so just ask him to do that one thing, if he doesn't I expect you to do it yourself, and then let me know. You can delegate the task if you want, but it is, and remains, your responsibility - not his."

"When that happens, I expect you to do this."

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