Hello, I'm a software analyst and full stack developer from Italy.

I've been doing cool things since 2012, starting with php and moving on with node and C#.

I love to build, review, deploy and analyze whatever kind of application (either frontend, backend or mobile or whatever) where the goal is to provide the best possible experience for the final user.

I'm extremely open to feedback, criticisms and programming languages battles where the only goal is to discuss and both learn something out of the discussion, because I think that programming languages are tools rather than something superior to something else, and I like to have enough informations to know when to use which tool, because that's what a clever person usually does.

I mostly work in javascript, typescript, Angular (angularjs and Angular 2+), nodejs (backends and applications in general), Electron, Blazor, Ionic, Nativescript, Vuejs, Reactjs, Kotlin (from a little while), Java and C# (mostly AspNet, AspNetCore, EF, EFCore), Dart, Flutter, PHP, with bits of C++ and C here and there, and some Golang from a little while. I've got a strong javascript background, with more than 7 years of experience on it, from vanilla JS to the newest features available only in latest ECMAScript specifications. Moreover, I actually happen to be quite good at detecting javascript issues and fixing related errors, so I usually do that. I've also been using the DevExtreme suite quite a lot in the last year, feel free to tag me if you need support on DevExtreme related topics.

I'm currently a software analyst and full-stack developer, mostly involved in mission-critical applications developed in C#, simple frontend SPA and PWA developed in angular/react/vue and, eventually, some other side-projects like small mobile applications in android and iOS.

Always ready to learn and help whenever needed.

If you need help and you think I can help you in any way, feel free to mail me at uaesbriosheje [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com.

I'm also on codewars and codingames.

Have a good day!


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