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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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a programming language. Use this tag for questions regarding how to use Python with your Arduino, or on using of pySerial or such software. Also consider using [programming] and other specif…
× 123
a type of memory available on most boards. It is used for storing persistent data. Use the tag for questions about the EEPROM library or the hardware.
× 117
refer to the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum which is used for wireless communication. Strictly speaking though, RF can refer to any oscillation (elect…
× 117
for questions about robotics.
× 114
Using an Arduino to play noise, sounds, or music. Also for questions about audio input.
× 110
a 6DOF. In other words it has 6 Degrees Of Freedom, 3 axes of acceleration (x, y, z) and 3 axes of rotational movement (yaw, pitch, roll). It uses the I2C protocol.
× 109
used to store data in a sketch/program.
× 108
Is a standard library function. It returns the number of milliseconds since the Arduino board began running the current program.
× 107
Refer to the HC-05 Bluetooth module.
× 105
a conductor that used to connect electronic components each other
× 104
Analog Digital converter
× 102
an application level network protocol that is used for the transfer of content on the World Wide Web.
× 100
Sleep refers to a form of power management, where the processor can be instructed to enter various levels of "sleep". Use this tag for discussions about sleep mode.
× 99
an electrical component that can break an electrical circuit, interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another
× 96
Real-Time Clock. Keeps track of current date/time. Some have batteries like the DS3231, and the DS3231 also has programmable alarms that can interrupt an Arduino.
× 96
Integrated Development Environment - software that allows you to write and compile code. Use the arduino-ide tag for questions about the official Arduino software.
× 95
a cheap and powerful development board with some Arduino compatibility.
× 94
For questions about integrating the Arduino microcontroller with the single-board computer Raspberry Pi. Questions just about Raspberry Pi are off-topic but can be asked on Raspberry Pi Stack Exchange…
× 93
either on or off (high or low, one or zero). This contrasts with analog signals which have a range of values.
× 93
for questions about memory usage on the Arduino.
× 92
describe the act of (often wirelessly) controlling another system.
× 92
The process of improving the efficiency of a program such that is uses less memory and/or less computational time.
× 88
Electronic component forming a three-terminal resistor with a sliding contact. Acts as a variable resistor / voltage divider, manipulating the amount of current flowing through it.
× 87
Defines how often something occurs, such as pulses in a digital signal, or oscillations in a radio wave.
× 86
to ask programming questions regarding reading input from it or blinking the lights, etc.
× 84
For questions about communication or data transfer between Arduino and Android devices. General Android questions can be asked on Android.SE.
× 84
an open source operating system (OS) that is lightweight and runs on many systems. It also runs on the Arduino Yún. There are different "flavors" or "distros" (distributions and changes made …
× 82
For question related to environment with networks.
× 82
logging data into some storage or memory
× 80
A custom structure in C++ (and various other languages) which can contain member data and functions. An instance of a class is called an object.
× 77
In-system programming (ISP) refers to the ability of chips to be programmed while installed in the system.
× 77
a type of memory available on the Arduino boards. It can be accessed from a program using PROGMEM directive to store data. For questions about using and accessing flash memory, use thi…
× 77
for discussing resetting the processor.