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Is there an Arduino library that uses ARP to get list of connected devices on network?

I was searching for the same function but I think you don't need to query the gateway. My idea is to loop through all the valid ip addresses, send a ping to each one (it does not matter if they don't ...
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Does ESP32 can support WIFIDirect

From my research i for to know that we can't use wifi direct for esp32 i found an alternative for my problem!!!!
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How can I host a WiFi network from an Arduino getting a connection from a SIM card?

Bridging of two networks at TCP/IP level is done with IP Network Address Translation (NAT) Protocol. It translates addresses from one network interface to other network interface, but both interfaces ...
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Arduino MKR wifi 1010 ssl certificate protection

seems like you have made quite a progress. Frankly, I believe that the problem lies behind not storing your private key in the ECC608. If the private key is not correctly stored in the ECC608 TLS ...
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