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The only timeout I can find is in the script itself. That is riddled with such lines as: sock.settimeout(10) You would need to scour that program and change them all. However ArduinoOTA uses UDP for communication. Because of that it is unreliable (yes, that's a technical term). It doesn't have any form of retransmit / retry, so if a packet is lost ...


Thanks for posting the question and the solution. I spent hours on google and reading message boards before coming across this. I am not sure if my root cause was the same, but to me the "strange" IP for my ESP8266 (nodemcu) came from them connecting through the Guest Network of my Asus router. This resulted in an identical problem to OP with ...


You need to set esp 8266 to flash mode. Please connect en PIN to Gnd pin. Then flash again.

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