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You use WiFi.RSSI(): RSSI Return the signal strength of Wi-Fi network, that is formally called Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI). WiFi.RSSI() Signal strength value is provided in dBm. The type of returned value is int32_t. Example code: Serial.printf("RSSI: %d dBm\n", WiFi.RSSI()); Example output: RSSI: -68 dBm


It is still possible to get work. I see the copper pads have been pulled off so you need to use extra amount of solder and hopefully it attaches to the remained copper wire. My case is even worse because the antenna is lost, so I have to remade one. And it works.😂


IMHO, some consideration : const int button = 8; const int button = 5; // CHANGE TO Pin "D1 GPIO5" GPIO8 is used to connect the flash chip, you may change to Pin "D1" which is GPIO 5. Check with your board's pinout. to prevent non-stop keep calling within in the loop, you may use millis(); for example : void GetUrl() { temp = ...

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