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that function indeed requires "const char*" as parameters There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The method signature is: bool ESP8266WiFiAPClass::softAP(const char* ssid, const char* psk, int channel, int ssid_hidden, int max_connection); Within this signature, the word const means the method makes the promise not to modify the ssid nor ...


server.enableCORS(true); The server will add the response Access-Control-Allow-Origin=* header


Swapping USB cable solved my issue of continuous brownout detector triggering. I tried some above answers. Disabling brownout detector as suggested by Vahe Arakelyan helped on Blink sketch, but WiFi including sketches would still fail to run. Then started to suspect HW and power failure. Did not soldering pins as suggested by user73106, but this made me ...

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