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The "Authorization" is simply an HTTP header. So add it in your request like: http.addHeader("Authorization", token); The value of "token" is just the string "Bearer " followed by your authorization string. Don't neglect the SPACE after the word "Bearer". It will look like: "Bearer eyJhb......" ...


I fixed this by adding below command before starting the accesspoint. WiFi.mode(WIFI_AP);


I made a binding IP and MAC and now I see my ESP)

1 provides a very inexpensive wifi addon for Arduino The WiFi Shield needs just two parts, 4 bits of wire and some soldering equipment. Parts List:- Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 Breakout US$9.95 + shipping Uno Protoshield US$1.88 + shipping Total US$11.83 (as of June 2015) For an even cheaper version ~US7 ...

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