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If you already have a 5V source then you can use a MOSFET as a switch to turn on/off the power to the tablet like this: But if you want to turn on/off a USB charger that goes to an AC outlet, then you will need to control a relay to turn on/off the AC supply to the USB charger. You can use a relay module like this:


I can't comment yet but have you updated your board manger for UNO on unbunto? tools > Board > Board Manger > Search UNO Kind of dumb to have to do that but it happen to me before and this was the solution I did.


Problem solved. The standalone CH340-based converter for whatever reason isn't man-enough to reliably pull down the RX0 line when connected to the Mega 2560 (also with a CH340 converter on board). I've seen suggestions posted in various places that this can be a problem with respect to DTR (though I don't have a problem with it). My solution is to insert a ...


It sounds like you have not connected the grounds together. Try connecting the ground from the USB to serial converter to the Arduino.

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