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Change USB VID and PID (Leonardo)

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Arduino15\packages\arduino\hardware\avr <--- here
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Arduino board with StandardFirmata doesn't respond to C# and Python client

The problem was in serial port connection settings. When I used these i was finally able to get response from board: var port = new SerialPort("COM3", 115600); port.Open(); port.Parity = ...
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Best Solution to Parallel UART reads with Arduino Due

It seems the arduino's wrappers for serial API's are very slow They aren't. There are some functions that depend on timeouts: these can indeed be very slow. However, if you read the ports in a non ...
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Micropython installation on Arduino nano

Welcome to Arduino StackExchange: Firstly your computer translates double dashes into single long dashes. the dashes should be double dashes (--) for options such as --offset, --port, etc. The ...
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How to detect, if Serial is really connected to listening PC program? (on atmega32u4)

Thanks to Nick Gammon for his answer, the problem is really in the screen program. There is detailed explanation from Majenko in if(Serial) not working correctly on micro or pro micro The problem is, ...
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How to detect, if Serial is really connected to listening PC program? (on atmega32u4)

I can reproduce this on Ubuntu, however it seems to be an anomaly of the screen program. If I use this small Python program to listen to the port, the Micro doesn't seem to slow down. import serial ...
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Intercepting Keyboard Data on a Micro Controller

It would be far far easier to interface an Arduino to an old PS2 keyboard. USB is complex. You would have to understand USB protocol, then understand the HID (Human Interface Device) protocol inside ...
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Expose two HID Joystick devices with single RP2040 board (Waveshare Pi Pico Zero)

By selecting the Adafruit TinyUSB USB stack option (Tools->USB Stack->Adafruit TinyUSB) of the arduino-pico core instead of the default (Pico SDK) the USB HID descriptors can be configured ...
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