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The firmware update over WiFi is called OTA update. OTA stands for "over the air". The esp8266 can OTA update itself. The Arduino library for this is called ArduinoOTA and it is bundled with the ESP8266 Arduino boards support package. See the example for ArduinoOTA library in IDE Examples menu. Other MCU have the self update option too. ESP32 has ...


I have solved the issue by selecting, Tools > Processor > ATMega (Old bootloader) @Juraj, Thank you for suggestion.


Thank you to all who have suggested corrective action for my posted communication problem. After trying all of the suggestions, I threw up my hands and deleted all evidence of Arduino Create Editor. Next I installed the Arduino Create Editor as a fresh/new install. Magically, all of my communication issues with the Arduino Uno have been corrected. Apparently,...


I would suggest you start with a simple blink example sketch and be sure it works. I believe it will. Your picture is almost impossible to read but i caught you have multiple libraries and several other problems. Look at the errors and resolve them one at a time. Until you do it will never load, that is the way it was designed. Be SURE there is only one file ...

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