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esp32, platformio A fatal error occurred: Packet content transfer stopped (received 8 bytes) *** [upload] Error 2

I had this error when trying to upload a sketch from Arduino IDE to a TTGO T-Display, found that I could resolve this by changing the upload speed from the default of 921600 to 115200. After doing ...
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Arduino UNO Power interruption

Do you have to upload the UNO after the applied power is disconnected? No. Does the UNO retain the code without any power? Yes. And when the power is disconnected, if the code is retained, will ...
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Unable to upload sketch to Lolin S3 Pro (ESP32-S3)

OK I managed to solve it although I find its a little bit annoying it seems that you need to always set this board in download mode manually. (Press and hold boot and click reset button once). If you ...
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Arduino UNO Power interruption

This answer simply add some detail to that provided by VE7JRO to make it more generally applicable but this does look rather like a school assignment. Program code is stored in flash memory and this ...
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Arduino Nano uploading problems

Apparently there was an update in ch340 drivers early in 2023 and it broke something for counterfeit ch340. Solution is using older version of the driver (and possibly disabling automatic updates for ...
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Why can't I upload a sketch by connecting directly to the serial pins?

OK this was a combination of at least two things: Main problem: connecting the fake arduino's RST pin to the FTDI's DTR pin via a 0.1uF capacitor seems to stop it from uploading, when when you ...
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Can't upload programs to Raspberry Pi Pico with Arduino

Installing a generic driver with while the PICO was plugged in solved the issue for me.
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