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DHT20 and Oled display not working together

The basic problem I don't have this sensor kit. But am able to observe what you're describing with substitutes and stand-ins. There seem to be two things you can do. The basic problem is that the ...
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Fluctuate output produce by LM35 temperature using Arduino and LINX LabVIEW

I don't use LabVIEW with Arduino (UNO) often, so you might have to do some troubleshooting yourself (i.e. is the A0 really just the 0 in the sub-VI?), but! Even without the resistor (which is useful ...
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Arduino read thermocouple Type K with ADS1115

To simplify your thermocouple temperature sensor project, consider using an ADC which also contains a cold junction temperature sensor. This product from integrates both into one package ...
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Arduino read thermocouple Type K with ADS1115

Welcome! Interesting but expected. Thermocouples need what is called a cold junction compensation. That is a circuit or another thermonuclear that compensates for the thermocouple effect where the ...
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