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Direct answer F() takes immutable string literals, that are known at compile time, and places them into flash ("PROGMEM") instead of RAM. snprintf() creates strings at runtime and places them into a mutable array. The two things are fundamentally incompatible. Limited compile-time concatenation A very limited form of what you're trying to do ...


For the hardware serial port, the buffer is 64 and I was reading at least 100 times. Every read will clear one byte of data from the serial buffer at a time. For the software serial port, you do a dummy read and then check whether the buffer is empty or not using while(mySerial.available()>0) { dummy =; } So, in ...


I updated the firmware version: 1418B05SIM808M32. Now all commands are working fine.


It is just the server problem. I just changed a website and it works.

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