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Clear serial data for new incoming values

The error lays in your algorithm to collect the command. Your sketch uses the space character ' ' as the separator between incoming messages. After the first transmission of "voltage 100", ...
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Clear serial data for new incoming values

It is difficult to help with out knowing exactly what characters are being sent and why. If we assume this is what is being sent: "voltage 24\n" "voltage 24\n" "voltage 55\n&...
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Reading serial data from Arduino in Python continually

I am puzzled why the Arduino code isn't simply stopping at "Serial.availableForWrite()" when I stop reading data on the Python side -- it keeps on running. This depends on the Arduino board ...
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Why can't I upload a sketch by connecting directly to the serial pins?

OK this was a combination of at least two things: Main problem: connecting the fake arduino's RST pin to the FTDI's DTR pin via a 0.1uF capacitor seems to stop it from uploading, when when you ...
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Compilation error: 'Serial' does not name a type

In C & C++, executable statements must be within a function. Your third statement, Serial.begin(9600); is (or should be) executable but since it is outside any function, the compiler tried to ...
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