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Got it working myself by simply writing the communication part in C for the Due, not using the Simulink blocks.


I polished my glasses, I did not find the schematic and parts list. It appears you have to enable the transmitter and or receiver to make them work. DE and RE are pins on the Max RSS 485 driver chip and others. They will not transmit or receive if these are wrong. Many connect the DE and RE together to simplify the switching. In your case you have to enable ...


Your problem seems to be related to how you get the actual length you want to generate. There are other ways you could do that. Since your max seems to be 4 characters, you could possibly enter "9999" which would overflow the 50 bytes temp variable. You could simply read until \n and then atoi. Then cap at 50. As a side note, here's a function I've ...

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