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Your code loops from the high order byte to the low order byte, printing each byte as 2 hex digits. If you want instead to print the first byte as a decimal value, and then the remaining bytes as another decimal value, then do this: Print byte 0 in base 10: Serial.print(data[0]); //first byte Serial.print(":"); Then loop through the remaining ...


If there are no other constraints, send them as a text with delimiters and a terminating character. e.g. something like "123;45;678\n" On the arduino, either manually check for those delimiters and convert the digits to a number on the fly, or use strtok and atoi after reading the whole line.


The accepted way to initialize an array in C follows this example: const char ID [] = {111, 11, 11, 11}; You can read more about it here. You later use an array name ("ID") with no index ("ID[0]"). The C compiler assumes the programmer who uses an array name with no index is interested in the memory address of the first element of the array. But you ...

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