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Below code is an example of what you described; pressing the button will turn on the LED and it will only turn off if 10 minutes passed or button is pressed again. Read the comments in the code: #define btn 5 #define rly 6 bool btnState; bool ledState; unsigned long timer = 0; void setup() { pinMode(btn, INPUT_PULLUP); pinMode(rly, OUTPUT); } void ...


"Arduino Pro Mini hooked up to the 5V power supply via the RAW and GND pins, but the supply is a regulated 5v wall supply. " That is the problem. RAW pin expects more like 6V to 6.5V for the regulator to output 5V. If you are supplying 5V, connect to the 5V, or VCC and GND pins. If you are connecting to USB via an FTDI Basic or equivalent, and the 5V ...


Power supply was dropping to 3.8 volts under basic load, once it turned on some LEDs it was just too low to activate the relay switch. Crappy Chinese parts.

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