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Arduino IDE is still saying not connected even after I connected it

The grounds are shared on the motor shield and the Arduino. If your 7.4v wire was connected to Vin, you should be fine, but if the wire was connected to your Arduino 5v supply rail, it now has 7.4v on ...
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6v High Torque Servo Won't Function On Motor Shield?

It may pay to think about current required as well as voltage. Looking at a data sheet I found online (data sheet link) it refers to a stall current of 3.5A when running at 6V. What do you mean by “...
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nrf24l01+ does not work with a battery, or very unreliably

I got a similar problem while not exactly the same but it may include the solution. I have a arduino nano with the nrf24l01 with the adapter and antenna (PA LNA). Transmitter work well but the ...
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I'm planning on using 2 arduino boards for my project. Should I use 2 voltage regulators for project or use 1 for both?

I would use a buck or SEPIC regulator and feed Vin on each of the Arduino with about 7.5V from the one regulator. I prefer using Vin because of the additional filtering I get. Also be sure you are ...
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