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For me, the 9v battery is not able to provide the power needed for your purpose. Here is a test you can do : Could you measure the tension of the 9v battery when the motor is running ? Try to power your circuit with bench power supply and mesure how much current it consume. You need to know how much current you need and the simple way to do is using a ...


I have seen in several Catalex schematics that show pin 13 of the 74ABT125 is connected directly to GND. This would be correct?


When you are using a Arduino nano for your project you wont be able get the 2A current draw form the board.You have to use a external power source like a battery.You have to find a better battery with a considerable Ahs.


If I could offer a different approach -- to maintain isolation between the doorbell AC and an Arduino, you could have the separately powered Arduino 'listen' for the sound of the gong. A cheap mic feeding an analog input does the trick. Mount it in the same housing to isolate it from household and other noises, or maybe tune it to respond to a narrow range ...


Much as I like Arduinos, it might be easier to just run a wire from your current doorbell to your office and add a 2nd doorbell, or a piezo buzzer that will run on AC. As others have said doorbells in the US are usually powered by AC, and that power is only available while the doorbell is actually ringing. You would need a constant source of power in order ...


Many (most?) household doorbell systems in the US are powered by a simple transformer that converts 120V AC household electric supply to a lower voltage AC. Often 16V AC or 24V AC. The coil and hammer form a device called a solenoid. When the coil is energized, the hammer (often also called a plunger) is forced in one direction, either up (against gravity) ...

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