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How to attempt connection to WiFi only once?

Instead of using blynk.begin() use WiFi.begin() and blynk.config() to achieve non-blocking code void setup(){ // Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass); don't use this WiFi.begin(ssid, pass); while ( WiFi....
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(Why is) getLocalTime() on ESP32 taking several seconds to complete successfully

Based on the wording in the question, it appears you are requesting an NTP re-synchronizing event often. Perhaps as often as possible. Consider that most Arduino projects request an NTP re-...
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Passing variable into catch() exception

You might want to refresh your knowledge about the try-catch statement by reading the respective chapter in your C++ book. You need to declare an exception parameter in catch, which you can ignore: ...
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Error using `NtpClientLib.h`

The esp8266 Arduino 3 has breaking changes so library authors need to adjust their libraries to this changes. Check the repository of the library for the fixes. The NtpClient library was marked as ...
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