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The DevKit is a development board by ESP32 manufacturer Espressif to demonstrate ESP32 usage and to support prototyping. The NodeMcu is a board by NodeMcu intended for the NodeMcu Lua language firmware. There is no standard pinout. The labels on the DevKit are io pin numbers of the MCU. You can use both development boards with the ESP32 "Arduino boards ...


Looks fine to me, I don't see any issues, assuming the PSU has sufficient 'grunt' to power both, and most will have.


OK, so I resolved this problem, but only half-way. I was using NodeMCU with CH340 ... and this controller worked only in Serial Monitor, not in command shell on one computer (it worked fine on other computer). So I tried using different NodeMCU with CP2102 and it worked just fine. So I assume there must be some kind of issue with ch341 driver in my linux, I ...


In order to test AT commands for Reyax Rylr 896 module, you need to connect rxd of lora module with rx(D7) of nodemcu and txd of lora module with tx(D8) of nodemcu.

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