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Linear Regulator Dropouts The linear voltage regulators found on that board are going to expect more than 5V at the barrel jack, because they require a minimum "drop out" voltage. The AMS1117 that is on that board, so far as I can tell, has a drop out voltage up to 1.3V. So you would want at least 6.3V (perhaps better 7V) at the barrel jack in ...


PCF8574 takes around 256us to update pins (at standard 100khz i2c). This too high compared to hx711 sck timing constraint which is 50us max. So, it's not possible to communicate with hx711 using PCF8574. wasted two days in finding out this.


These random values could be nothing but noise as your receiver may be sensing other source of ultra sound. In your case, the circuit is especially sensitive as the output powers a relay and any noise in the input side will cause the relay to "chatter". There are many approaches to filtering and smoothing out the signal. One method would be to ...

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