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Buttons are just buttons. You can have them "active high" with pulldown resistors as you have there (10K is fine. The actual value doesn't really matter, just don't have it too low or excess current will be drawn), or "active low" without resistors and connecting to ground when pushed instead of VCC and use INPUT_PULLUP. The choice is ...


Inspecting your code, it does not appear you are compensating the raw magnetometer values for soft and hard iron effects. These terms roughly refer to adjusting the range and magnitude of each of the individual magnetometers (X, Y and Z). Some magnetometer manufactures allow writing these compensation values into the chip. Even then the developer and user ...


Well, I have to said that at the beginning I didn't think that the arrangement that @Majenko mentioned will work. First I tried connecting the capacitor with cables, but it still give me noise. Once I soldered it directly to the motors the noise decrease a lot. Thanks to all. This is the image of the arrangement that I made:

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