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The UNO can't be a Keyboard. It doesn't have a real USB connection. It has a serial connection that passes through a UART to USB converter. You cannot use the UNO as a keyboard. Instead you need one of the boards that has a real USB connection, such as the Arduino Leonardo or any of the other ATMega32U4-based boards.


Have your devices always try to download a config file from a webserver you control. If the config file exists and has new wifi credentials then it can update itself and reset. When you actually change the password for the AP all the devices will already have the new password.


If I read the schematics at correctly, you need to draw continuous 5V power from the SUPPLY_5V pin instead of the SUPPLY_EXP_5V pin (the latter seems to be switched via some MOSFETs connected to pin 2 of the ATMEGA328p). Which means that you need to connect the 5V power of your second HAT to JP4 ...


You call _neoPixel.begin() and in the constructor of your class. This constructor runs before the Arduino is initialized. This is why begin() functions are used. Add a begin() function to your class and call cycle.begin() in setup(). void YaNeoPixelCycle::begin() { _neoPixel.begin();; } Of course remove the _neoPixel....

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