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How to use assembly in Arduino?

Re: "The main learning effect of this exercise is "Don't do it". You won't beat the c++ compiler..." I agree with Edgar Bonet: (1) Arduino is about learning, including learning ...
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Make two LEDs fade in and out with with different PWM values

I don't think you have much choice than to come up with a sort of a counter and instead of having a single variable for the brightness of all the LEDs, you'll have to maintain a separate brightness ...
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Just one more pin!

As a (slightly hacky and binary :) ) suggestion, you could use just two LEDs and free up a pin with the following... Level 1 - LED 1 on, LED 2 off Level 2 - LED 1 off, LED 2 on Level 3 - LED 1 on, LED ...
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Just one more pin!

You may try charlieplexing your LEDs. Using only 3 digital pins you can drive up to 6 LEDs. A web search for “charlieplexing Arduino” should get you started.
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