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You may be finding Connect to LCD via I2C, default address 0x27 (A0-A2 not jumpered) confusing. These refer to the I2C address selection lines of the IO expander (the PCF8574T) used on the I2C LCD display and not to the A0-A2 analog pins of the Arduino itself. The note // Wiring: SDA pin is connected to A4 and SCL pin to A5. is referring to the analog pins ...


My LCD module looks so similar to yours I decided risk to taking it apart for the purposes of taking pictures for to go along with the description. It went back to together fine. The black part I suggested pushing down on I'm going to call a "bezel", even though I'm not sure that's technically the correct term for it. The pink color showing ...


You sound very much the same as me when I got this screen, it took me a while, There is one of 'Dronebot's sessions on Youtube where he is connecting this screen which may get you started. I got drivers and information on with examples in the library folder. I believe you get either a Uno to Mega version of this screen as the pinout is different ...


I've spent an hour doing this problem and searched a lot. If you still didn't find the solution by doing this. Pls try to reduce the clock speed from Internal 8 MHz to Internal 1MHz. That way it works mine.

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