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You don't. The PCF8574 is an IO expander. It doesn't have any provision for PWM. It's either on, or off.


Your Least Significant Bit is always 1 (Check the ASCII table to see this). You might have a problem with your wiring, double check the pin you use and that the continuity is good. Also, as KIIV said in comment, depending on the board you use, you might have a conflict with the serial port (Which pull the line high when not transmitting, explaining the ...


take, for instance, one of the submenu action function void action1() { lcd.clear(); lcd.print(">Executing #1"); delay(1500); } action1() function will be called when the value of menu is set to 1. Let us say, you want to blink an LED 10 times, in the action1() function. In the action1() function, you have to add the ...

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