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Michel Keijzers pointed out the issues you have in your code. But then there is also an issue with your circuit: if you press any of the push buttons, the analog input pin gets connected to one of the nodes of the resistor ladder, and you get a well defined voltage reading. Good. However, if none of the buttons is pressed, the input is not connected to ...


You made a few mistakes with the three lines, first one being: if (temp = 340) First, the single '=' is an assignment operator instead of a comparing operator. You want to use '=='. However, you need to check if it is within a range, so you need to use <= (to see if it is smaller or equal). Also you need to put them in the correct order, so you get ...


Try to use this command input = Serial.readStringUntil('\n'); Instead of input = Serial.readString(); and also use while (Serial.available() > 0) Instead of while (Serial.available()==0) and where you used int switchLead = 0; Try to use bool switchLead; I hope these changes in the code will help you


Try to use MCUFriend kbv library I used this library for a 3.5 inch display and the driver on it was ILI9486 this library includes all the function and I have tested the touch also this library works good for it also

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