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Unable to find/connect I2C devices (SHT31 & SGP30)

Without a schematic I will take a SWAG" For I2C to work it needs a pull up resistor for SCL another for SDA. Both are open drain/collector outputs neither of which can drive a + (logic 1) on the ...
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Unable to find/connect I2C devices (SHT31 & SGP30)

I had a similar problem, but the fix turned out to be simple. All the tutorials for SHT3x sensors say to connect the VIN to the 3.3V GPIO. I checked using a test meter, the SHT3x was getting voltage ...
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Please help me with my project of water pump relay switching too fast

The problem lies in the specification itself. According to your rules, what should the pump do if the water level is exactly 2 cm? Granted, there is no such thing as an exact physical measurement. But ...
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