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The answer needs to have multiple parts: Yes, in principle you can create a bootloader for any microcontroller, which acts like the Arduino's. Please be aware that there are different bootloaders, not just the common STK500 compatible one. Each of these bootloaders implements a certain protocol to transfer the binary code to the target system. ...


About the fingerprint sensors from mobile phones: You might find the answers to this question useful. They explain in detail, why it is not really worth the effort to try interfacing such a fingerprint sensor with Arduino. How to use any module that has no library for arduino? You need to read the datasheet of the module. It should explain in detail, how ...


You cannot just load a sketch into any microcontroller, because every microcontroller has different memory layout, peripherals, ways of uploading, FLASH size etc. You can use the atMega (or any microcontroller) for production purposes though. Of course each MCU type has operation conditions (like min/max temperature), so in e.g. automotive or military ...


Yes, it will overwrite the bootloader. In addition to Hans Neve's list of Pros, it has the added benefit of gaining you a couple hundred bytes (0.5KB) that is otherwise used by the bootloader.

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