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Avoid 1-LSB noise on ADC readings

When you reduce the resolution from 10 bits to 7 bits, every possible output corresponds to an interval of inputs. If you add some hysteresis, then those intervals should overlap. Below is a ...
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Analogue input spikes

On a hardware level, without a substantial delay, you could use active filters, such as active low-pass or band-pass filters, that can provide better control and customization over the filtering ...
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Hysteresis and scaling range

First, a couple of comments about this first attempt. There is no point in storing in slider_t both lastValue and value. The way this is used, both fields are always updated with the same value: ...
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How should I decide the cut-off frequency for my low-pass filter?

That looks like the spectrum of an 8-bit sound that is playing low bass notes only. Most everything above that looks like noise floor. (You can only get about 6 dB range per bit of resolution, so 8 ...
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