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server.enableCORS(true); The server will add the response Access-Control-Allow-Origin=* header


Only for some esp8266 dev boards Dx pins are defined. The constants map esp module pin numbers to board's pin numbers (for example on most of them D1 is io 4). If you have a dev board with Dx labels on the PCB, then select the right board in Tools menu. For plain esp8266 module use pin numbers in code. If the author of the code had a Wemos D1 mini or a ...


Marco's answer worked for me, but worked better with: payload[length] = 0; String recv_payload = String(( char *) payload); Therefore, the full code would be: void mqtt_callback(char* topic, byte* payload, unsigned int length) { String topicStr = topic; payload[length] = 0; String recv_payload = String(( char *) payload); Serial.println( "...


that function indeed requires "const char*" as parameters There seems to be a misunderstanding here. The method signature is: bool ESP8266WiFiAPClass::softAP(const char* ssid, const char* psk, int channel, int ssid_hidden, int max_connection); Within this signature, the word const means the method makes the promise not to modify the ssid nor ...


Download usb port driver from the link below

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