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Can I use a ATtiny85 board (eg Digispark) as a USB CDC device? Yes! If I have got this right, to be able to communicate with a USB serial device you need to have USB CDC support and if you want it to fake a keyboard/mouse you need HID. The Digispark have a CDC library https://digistump.com/wiki/digispark/tutorials/digicdc But it has its limitations, take ...


because use software serial in both codes , in one from arduino send the data o message, and with software serial read in the esp8266, while(NodeMCU.available()) { character = NodeMCU.read(); content.concat(character); } use 9600 to print in monitor serie, and use 115200 for comunication, thats why this code solves this @sa_leinad , is a serial ...

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