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Can't convert string to UTF-16LE for MD5 calculation on an Arduino

You have to convert the string "<challenge>-<password>" to UTF-16LE. If the whole string is plain ASCII, the conversion is trivial: you just have to add a zero byte after each ...
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Does avr-libc have any reason to word-align C++ class member variables?

GCC has an extension to add attributes to types, which you can use to tell it your alignment requirements. Additionally it has a #pragma to define the alignment, which could be used alternatively. But ...
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IF statement inside of a function call? Code help

You could look at this as an "if expression", the correct term is "conditional operator" (C++ standard chapter 8.16). Many know it as "ternary operator" because it has ...
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Difference between data type int and long on Arduino

if you are using Esp32 boards in Arduino IDE:
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