Have you looked at any Arduino IDE example programs? They all have a setup() and loop() function. Apparently, Tinkercad is missing the loop() function in your code. You can solve the issue by adding an empty void loop() { } after your void setup() { ... } code.


It seems that you are using a lm317 voltage regulator to power your atmega328p MCU but I think you forgot the part that lm317 needs feedback of 1.25v with voltage divider network to set its variable output voltage in the schematic you have connected adj pin of lm317 directly to GND. S0 check your output vtg from your regulator and another issue voltage ...


It depends on what type of variable you have. If you have single byte variables like byte or char then it is one value to one address. But if you have an int value like: int x = 2000; then try to store that in EEPROM that will take 2 bytes because an int is 2 bytes in size. So if you write that to address 5 it will take 5 and 6 to write it. If you write ...

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