The target board was not reset. The "Arduino as ISP" sketch uses pin 10 to reset the target, not the SS pin. So even on Mega, wire reset of target to pin 10, not to pin 53. Is this an error communicating with the ISP (Arduino) or is it an issue with the ISP talking to the target (ATMega8B on USBAVR)? the first error "not in sync" is a problem with ...


To upload compiled code (.hex) to a bare atmega which doesn't have a bootloader installed you can use ISP. As this stands for in-system-programming you don't have to flash the chip before assembly, but you can flash it in-system, so when already soldered onto your pcb. There actually is no need for those adapters like shown in your first picture, which often ...


Use the "Upload using programmer" in Sketch menu to upload a sketch over ISP warning, it deletes the bootloader

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