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GPS module Serial.begin value

The GPS module you link to is UART-I2C dual mode. You switch between these 2 modes by (de)soldering resistors. Check first which mode the module is in. Most GPS these days are in 9600 baud, when in ...
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What does avrdude: Device signature = 0x000000 mean? Faulty wiring? Software issue? Incorrect tutorial?

Can confirm previous answer about changing SPI clock. I edited ArduinoISP.ino example and changed #define SPI_CLOCK (1000000 / 6) to #define SPI_CLOCK (128000/6) and after that I successfully burned ...
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Unable to get keypad key in while loop

In general, when a program needs to perform two or more functions (for example, counting off seconds and reacting to a button press that could happen at any moment) a state machine programming pattern ...
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L298n driver with Arduino with 2 motors won't work

Yes, most likely. Motors can draw a lot of power and your 9v battery is probably struggling to output enough voltage. 50-100 mA is about the max current you want to draw from a 9v. 9v batteries have a ...
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DHT20 and Oled display not working together

The basic problem I don't have this sensor kit. But am able to observe what you're describing with substitutes and stand-ins. There seem to be two things you can do. The basic problem is that the ...
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Fluctuate output produce by LM35 temperature using Arduino and LINX LabVIEW

I don't use LabVIEW with Arduino (UNO) often, so you might have to do some troubleshooting yourself (i.e. is the A0 really just the 0 in the sub-VI?), but! Even without the resistor (which is useful ...
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6v High Torque Servo Won't Function On Motor Shield?

It may pay to think about current required as well as voltage. Looking at a data sheet I found online (data sheet link) it refers to a stall current of 3.5A when running at 6V. What do you mean by “...
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Arduino Uno, does a lower Aref voltage work well for measuring current? without increasing ADC integral non-linearity

If you used the 3.3 volt pin as external AREF a 1.5Ω resistor would drop 3V @ 2 Amps, 3V would produce an ADC value of 930 or 2.15mA per ADC count. If you use the 1.1V internal AREF, a 0.5Ω resistor ...
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How to write an integer value to an RFID tag?

Let's say you have an array and an int. unsigned char blockcontent[16]; int number = 15; To save the int at position 0 of blockcontent, you do this: memcpy(blockcontent, &number, sizeof(int)); ...
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Why my pushbutton always reads LOW?

When you press the button, you short the bottom blue (GND) and the bottom red (+5V) lines. That will in the least serious case cause your Arduino to reset, but could also damage the button, burn a ...
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How to compile without adding the bootloader?

I strongly doubt the compiler adds the bootloader. What that message is probably trying to tell you is that the bootloader is being included in its assumed address space. There are various bootloaders,...
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How to compile without adding the bootloader?

I found this question which shows that the bootloader's address space is 7800 to 7FF0. I also confirmed that by taking a look at atmega328p's bootloader hex file stored in /usr/share/arduino/hardware/...
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How to compile without adding the bootloader?

Seeing .bootloader section in size output doesn't mean it's really present. It just means the sum of all three is 4152 bytes. You can check the hex file if it contains large block of data at the ...
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I'm planning on using 2 arduino boards for my project. Should I use 2 voltage regulators for project or use 1 for both?

I would use a buck or SEPIC regulator and feed Vin on each of the Arduino with about 7.5V from the one regulator. I prefer using Vin because of the additional filtering I get. Also be sure you are ...
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Compilation error: 'Serial' does not name a type

In C & C++, executable statements must be within a function. Your third statement, Serial.begin(9600); is (or should be) executable but since it is outside any function, the compiler tried to ...
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Stabilization of HX711 and Faster Sampling. Code improvements

It is better to use a chip from Analog Device AD7799. It has relatively high accuracy and no swimming, compared to the HX711. When connecting 2 load cells of 50 kg on the pavement the scheme has an ...
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