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I am running my atmega328p chip with 3.3 volts because I did not wanted to use a voltage divider when powering the NRF24L01 that is part of my circuit. Because I only have 16mhz crystals and I don't know how to lower the frequency to 8mhz I been running my project with 3.3v and it works great. I been running this code for over a year and I have had no ...


When having trouble in getting started with a modem, it's usually best to connect to the modem in "interactive mode", to verify that you're sending the right commands and getting the right responses. Have you made sure that your modem/module's UART is at the right logic level to interface directly with your Pro Mini? How about the supply voltage? (Post a ...


The Manual v1.02 of Sim7100 with all the commands can be downloaded here Here is code to test it compiled for UNO without warnings and errors: Please test it and give feedback (read the comments to get the flow of code) Test with the RX/TX of the Sim7100 to pins 4/5 (Software Serial and the Sim7100 to baud rate 9600): #include <SPI.h> #include <SD....


The Arduino Serial Plotter is not meant for this. It just directly draws, what you send. You can solve this in processing, by calculating the time from the number of the current sample (which is what you see on the x axis in your plot) via the used sampling rate.

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