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ATMega328p internal comparator problem - ISR(ANALOG_COMP_vect) not firing

You have not enabled the comparator interrupt. Just need to change the line where you set ACSR. //Comparator interrupt on rising output edge. ACSR |= (1 << ACIS0) | (1 << ACIS1); //...
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USB-C to USB-C cable Arduino is not responding even not powered by this cable

That Nano is not USB-C compliant. Yes, it has the connector, but it doesn't do all the required handshaking to put the USB-C port on the laptop into host (and provide power) mode. This is needed ...
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How to receive data from Xbee in AT mode on Arduino Nano

You connected the Xbee to the single hardware Serial interface that the Nano has. Is is also used by the USB to Serial chip, which connects to the Serial Monitor. So what you are sending to the Xbee ...
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